Devolver Digital acquires Gato Roboto dev, doinksoft

The indie developer known for titles like Gato Roboto and Gunbrella has been officially acquired by Devolver Digital.


Devolver Digital is expanding its catalog of acquired studios, having previously acquired the likes of Croteam, Dodge Roll, Nerial, and Firefly Studios. Now, Devolver Digital shared the news that it has acquired Gato Roboto and Gunbrella developer, doinksoft.

While specific details about the acquisition have yet to be shared, on social media Devolver noted that, “Today is a historic moment. We are excited to announce that the world-renowned franchises and talented people at @doinksoft will be joining Team Devolver!"

Devolver Digital acquiring doinsoft makes sense given that Devolver has published all of the developer’s previous titles including the aforementioned Gato Roboto, along with games like Devolver Bootleg and Demon Throttle. Later this year, Devolver will publish doinksoft’s latest entry, Gunbrella, which is described on Steam as a “noir-punk action-adventure set in a world dependent on a rapidly diminishing natural resource.”

Overall, we look forward to seeing how the relationship between Devolver Digital and doinksoft grows now that the developer has been acquired by Devolver Digital. Now that you’re caught up on Devolver’s latest acquisition, be sure to brush up with some of our previous coverage including how Devolver Digital won't be in E3's parking lot this year, and our preview of Gunbrella that talks about how it feels like a good way to spend a rainy or sunny day.

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