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Jorg Tittel gets philosophical discussing The Last Worker

We philosophize with the creator behind The Last Worker and talk automation, meaningful jobs, and the fusion of art and tech.


The Last Worker has released to glowing reviews, praising the game’s poignant observation on automation in this day and age. We had to learn more about the game and the mind that created it, so we reached out to Jörg Tittel. As it so happens, we had a lot to discuss as we dove into philosophical issues, what it means to be in an automated world where tech collides with our hobbies, and more. Please, check it out!

There is so much to unpack here with our interview with Jörg Tittel. We discuss a great breadth of topics but one of the key takeaways is Tittel’s perspective on automation, having a purpose, and how tech and art collide. For Tittel, games are the ultimate art form, and art is the direct result of the most basic form of tech: fire. He explains that without fire, there would be no cave paintings – one of the first forms of human expression.

From here, our conversation winds across all the big ticket issues. We learn more about Tittel’s background and his family’s creativity, dig into the characters, and the endings on offer in the game.

The whole interview is packed full of outside the box thinking as Tittel touches on many more important ideas. While you’re listening, take a moment to read over Donovan Erksin’s review of The Last Worker, which he praised for its narrative. For more interviews, make sure you subscribe to GamerHubTV and you can find exclusive gameplay and more on our Shacknews YouTube channel.

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