GameStop (GME) reports 76 million directly registered shares (DRS) as of March 22, 2023

The number of directly registered shares has reached approximately 25 percent, with close to 200,000 individuals owning said shares.


The GameStop (GME) movement continues with the company revealing that 76 million shares have been directly registered. This number is up from December 2022’s 71.8 million.

GameStop GME chart with each bar equally one week

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On March 28, 2023, GameStop (GME) released its Form 10-K as part of its annual reporting. Within this 92-page report, GameStop highlights several aspects of its company operations, including the number of directly registered shares (DRS). There are now 76 million DRS, accounting for approximately 25 percent of the company’s outstanding shares.

ITEM 5. MARKET FOR REGISTRANT'S COMMON EQUITY, RELATED STOCKHOLDER MATTERS AND ISSUER PURCHASES OF EQUITY SECURITIES Our Class A Common Stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the symbol “GME”. As of March 22, 2023, there were 197,058 record holders of our Class A Common Stock. Excluding the approximately 228.7 million shares of our Class A Common Stock held by Cede & Co on behalf of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (or approximately 75% of our outstanding shares), approximately 76.0 million shares of our Class A Common Stock were held by record holders as of March 22, 2023 (or approximately 25% of our outstanding shares).

GameStop’s directly registered shares have seen a massive spike over the past few quarters. In Q1 2022, there were 50.8 million split-adjusted directly registered shares, which leapt to 71.8 million in October 2022 in Q2 2022. Now, the 76 million DRS are owned by 197,058 individuals. These shares are registered through ComputerShare, which wasn’t mentioned in the report despite the company still being GME’s transfer agent.

The Form 10-K went into details about the GameStop NFT Marketplace. According to the report, the NFT Marketplace sales weren’t material to 2022 revenue. Additionally, the report highlights that there are 56.7 million PowerUp Rewards members as of the end of January. Finally, GameStop CEO Matt Furlong has said that the company has “a path to full-year profitability” so it’s an exciting time for those tracking the GME movement.

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