Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder and author of Moore's Law, dies at 94

In addition to helping found Intel and charitable organizations, Moore famously predicted that the number of transistors in integrated circuits would grow exponentially.


One of the most interesting visionaries of the tech industry has recently passed away. Gordon Moore was a co-founder of Intel, as well as a founder of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation charity. He also famously wrote Moore’s Law, which suggested that the numbers of transistors in integrated circuits would exponentially grow. Moore is said to have passed away peacefully and surrounded by family in his home in Hawaii. Moore was 94 years old at his time of death.

Both Intel itself and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation reported Moore’s passing last week with current CEO Pat Gelsinger sharing a statement on Moore’s impact in the announcement:

Moore's Law in Intel marketing materials
Moore's Law has been a North Star in Intel predictions and marketing throughout the decades.
Source: Intel

Gordon Moore first published his initial predictions for Moore’s Law in 1965. Originally, Moore suggested that the number of transistors in integrated circuits would double about every 10 years. However, with the boom of technology, he would adjust his prediction in 1975, reducing the rate of his prediction to every two years. In 1975, chips were capable of holding around 5,000 transistors, whereas last year, Apple put out its M1 Ultra for Mac desktop PCs, containing around 114 billion transistors. While the full accuracy of Moore’s law has been debated, it has also still remained mostly true up to this point.

Even then, Moore’s passing means we’ve lost another legend of the tech industry. For all of his contributions to tech and philanthropy, Shacknews offers condolences and well-wishes to Moore, his family, and his loved ones.

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