Apple reveals new M1 Ultra processor for Mac desktops

Apple's latest silicon slams two processors together for maximum performance.


During today's Apple Special Event, the Cupertino-based company showed off some of its latest developments, including a new processor for high-end desktop users. Apple’s new M1 Ultra processor takes the lessons learned from the creation of the original M1 processors and applies it to desktop productivity. Combining the power of two chips into one by use of a special interconnect, the M1 Ultra promises to offer the best performance for Mac power users.

Apple had previously been using processors supplied by Intel for years among its laptop and desktop offerings. The company made the decision to move away from third-party suppliers for its chips and began work on designing its own custom silicon. The Apple M1 was the first product of this endeavor, offering strong performance with extremely efficient power consumption.

The original M1 chip was intended for mobile applications, but the new M1 Ultra takes advantage of the wider power envelope provided by a wall outlet, leading to much faster performance. The M1 Ultra combines two wafers using a special interconnect that allows Apple to effectively double the physical processing space.

These new chips will be the centerpiece of the recently announced Apple Mac Studio mini PCs. These small form factor computers will help power the next generation of creative types, particularly for those working with 3D modeling and similarly intensive workloads. The new Mac Studios begin shipping this month with M1 Ultra processors and up to 128GB of unified memory.

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