Valve is building a Source 2 Item Workshop for Counter-Strike 2 community map creators

Counter-Strike 2 is being built in Source 2, and its map-making tools will be made available to community creators during the Limited Test.


Counter-Strike 2 was one of the worst kept secrets in game news this month, but the reveals coming out of its official announcement have been promising, and one such should be a delight to map creators and modders. Counter-Strike 2 is being built entirely in Valve’s Source 2 engine, and not only is Valve assembling the foundation of the game itself, but it will allow modders access to these same tools. In fact, Valve is already working on building a network to provide and allow users to share all sorts of assets in map design.

Word of Counter-Strike 2’s upcoming Source 2 Item Workshop for modders was shared far down the list on the Limited Test detail webpage. According to a section of the page titled “Source 2 Tools,” Valve is not only making Source 2 map-building tools available to creators, but it will be launching an Item Workshop deeper into the Limited Test’s duration.

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test FAQ page Source 2 Tools section
Valve is not only building Counter-Strike 2 in Source 2, but will give users the same tools to craft their own maps with an asset workshop coming later this year.
Source: Valve

Steam and Valve mod support is hardly anything new, but there are only a handful of officially licensed games that are utilizing the Source 2 engine, one of which was 2020 Shacknews Game of the Year, Half-Life: Alyx. The creation of a new Item Workshop for Counter-Strike 2 should prove exciting to map creators and modders looking to cook up their own content and creations in the latest generation of Valve’s popular competitive shooter.

With Counter-Strike 2 finally announced, Limited Tests ongoing, and full launch expected in summer 2023, stay tuned for more details on the game as they become available. We’ll also be on the lookout for the launch of Valve’s Source 2 Item Workshop for Counter-Strike 2 in the near future.

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