Two Point Campus is getting spooky new School Spirits DLC

The DLC adds a brand-new location, courses, and Challenge Mode to the game.


If you’ve been looking for a reason to get back into Two Point Campus, or you’ve been enjoying the game and are hungry for more content, you’re in luck as new DLC was recently announced.

The DLC in question, dubbed School Spirits, is set to bring a wealth of new content to the game. It’s also set to make the game a lot spookier. As revealed in a post to the Two Point Campus blog, the School Spirits DLC will introduce a brand-new location to the game called Lifeless Estate.

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Given the presence of ghosts at Lifeless Estate, it makes sense that new courses like Paranormal Detection would be added to the game to help you learn the ins and outs of ghost hunting.

If that’s not enough, the School Spirits DLC will add in fun activities like Expulsion Ceremonies where Paranormal Detection students will be able to banish evil spirits. If you’re struggling with spirits and need a little extra help, it’s noted that players will be able to send over a janitor trained in Ghost Capture “to prevent the haunt from progressing.” Looking for a challenge? Look no further than the new Challenge Mode, Graveyard Shift.

© Two Point Studios

To sum it all up, School Spirits brings a lot to Two Point Campus from the new Lifeless Estates location, to the addition of two new courses (including new fully animated classrooms), two new student archetypes, a new Challenge Mode, and tons of new items. To learn more about School Spirits, be sure to read through the full post on the Two Point Campus blog.

The School Spirits DLC is set to be released on March 15 for platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch and will be available for $5.99 (USD). For more on Two Point Campus, check out some of our previous coverage including our full review of Two Point Campus where we praise the game’s college management mechanics, and details about the previously released Two Point Campus: Space Academy DLC that dropped back in December.

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