Discover what's on the menu at Cafe Toadstool in this Super Nintendo World showcase

Listen to the VP of Culinary and Executive Chef for Universal Studios Hollywood talk about all the food featured at Cafe Toadstool in Super Nintendo World.


Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood takes patrons on an unforgettable experience. The theme park looks as though it exists within the world of a Mario game and this extends to Cafe Toadstool. It is a uniquely themed restaurant featuring meals inspired by characters, items, and locations within the Mario franchise. We had the opportunity to speak with the Vice President of Culinary and Executive Chef for Universal Studios Hollywood about the food on offer. Take a look!

As you can see, the meals look as though they’ve been lifted straight off of Princess Toadstool’s dining table. Julia Thrash, Vice President of Culinary and Executive Chef for Universal Studios Hollywood, outlined each dish and what makes it unique to Cafe Toadstool and Super Nintendo World.

To start with, patrons can check out the Super Star Chicken Salad, which has star croutons and a delicious sounding peppercorn truffle dressing. There’s also Yoshi’s Favorite Fruit and Veggie Salad, Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots, a Piranha Plant Caprese, a vegan Tomato Soup, and a Super Mushroom Soup made of heavy cream, garlic, and is served in a 1-Up mushroom!

Thrash showed off some of the larger meals, including a Chef Toad Short Rib special, the spicy Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs, and the iconic Mario Burger and Luigi Burger, each with a mustache printed on the top (all in-house). There’s also the new and upcoming Bowser’s Fireball Challenge. This challenge features a one-pound meatball made of pork and brisket. This meatball sits in its own spicy sauce, but the heat doesn’t end there, as on the side is a spicy truffle sauce. Can you handle the heat?

Chef Toad hasn’t forgotten about the younger patrons either. The kids menu features Power-Up Spaghetti Marinara that comes with a Toadstool Garlic Knot and a block with a surprise inside. Then, there’s the Mario Adventure Set with burgers, fries, and a surprise!

For dessert, you might consider a traditional tiramisu in the design of a Question Mark Block. Alternatively, there’s the Mt. Beanpole Cake that has layers that replicate the world you’d have seen outside the restaurant. And of course, there’s the Princess Peach Cupcake filled with raspberry jelly. Wash all of this delicious food down with the Super Star Lemon Squash with popping boba.

The entire Super Nintendo World is an experience that fans of Mario games will likely never forget. It’s incredible to see the attention to detail that is on display in Cafe Toadstool as well. What are you going to order when you visit? Check out our first-hand experience and other interviews from Super Nintendo World on the GamerHubTV YouTube channel.

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