Starlink rolls out new pricing based on area & network capacity

Starting in April, Starlink's new pricing will raise prices on customers in areas with 'limited capacity' and reduce prices for customers in areas with 'excess capacity.'


It would appear that Starlink is once again about to adjust its prices. Elon Musk’s satellite internet company has adjusted its rates in the past for matters such as inflation and higher cost of manufacturing and production, but this new price change seems to rely entirely on where customers are located, with new network capacity policies determining if you’ll pay less or more based on where you use Starlink.

Details of Starlink’s price changes came via emails to customers which charted out who will pay less, who will pay more, and why, as shared by Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt. Starting on April 24, 2023, those who live in an area with limited capacity for Starlink internet service will see a price increase, raising by $10 USD per month for a total of $120 per month. Meanwhile, those who live in areas with excess Starlink capacity will see a price decrease, which amounts to a $20 decrease per month for a total of $90 per month. The emails do not go into detail on how Starlink determines which areas are considered “limited” or “excess”.

Starlink email to customers regarding April 2023 price changes
Starlink has announced that new pricing will be based on "excess" or "limited" capacity, with reductions in price for the former and increases for the latter.
Source: Starlink

This marks another major change in pricing for Starlink. In March 2022, we saw a price hike across the board for the satellite internet service. Elon Musk and SpaceX attributed this price increase to issues regarding inflation. SpaceX was also supplying free Starlink gear and service to Ukraine during the Russian invasion for quite a length of time.

That said, this price change is an odd one to say least, marking the first time the service has determined pricing based on your location and the level of service which can be provided to it. It remains to be seen if it will be the last of these types of adjustments. For more Starlink news, stay tuned to the topic page for further updates.

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