Sega says Sonic Frontiers sales exceeded expectations

Even though the Metacritic score was lower than Sega had hoped, it notes that Sonic Frontiers sold better than expected.


In a call with investors last week, as reported by outlets like VGC, Sega remarked on how Sonic Frontiers sold far better than the company previously expected. While sales exceeded expectations, the Sega team does note that the game’s Metascores were lower than it had hoped for. Nevertheless, Sega points to Sonic Frontiers as a title it expects to continue to sell well over the long term.

Despite the “slightly lower than expected” Metascore from critics, Sega expressed positive sentiment in regards to the “extremely high ratings” given to the game by users.

Sonic Frontier promo image showing Sonic looking out over one of the game's islands
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When asked about sales strategies for Sonic Frontiers including discounts, Sega mentions having temporarily held a Black Friday sale before returning the game to its original price and that it has been able to “achieve results so far while maintaining the price level to a certain extent.” Sega then went on to outline plans to release the “recently announced additional DLC sequentially” which it believes will help build up repeat sales.

In the previously shared roadmap for Sonic Frontiers, three free content updates are planned for 2023 with initial inclusions such as new challenge modes, photo mode, and juke box. Beyond this, future DLC for Sonic Frontiers will introduce a new open zone challenge to the game called “Sonic’s Birthday” along with new Koko, in addition to new playable story content and characters.

We were among those who reviewed Sonic Frontiers favorably and found it a blast to play despite some minor technical issues. In the future, we look forward to seeing how the game’s DLC will further enhance the experience. Now that you’re caught up on Sega’s comments about Sonic Frontiers selling better than expected, be sure to check out some of our previous Sonic coverage including the Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator revealing the original concept art for Twin Stars, and Sonic Frontiers getting a free demo on the Nintendo Switch.

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