Omega Strikers fires up for April release date

The free-to-play 3v3 multiplayer game from former leads at Riot Games got an official release date during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct

Odyssey Interactive

In late 2023, the team at Odyssey Interactive unveiled an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer fiesta called Omega Strikers. Crafted by a team of former leads from Riot Games, this is described as a 3v3 knockout striker game that looks like a cross between Rocket League and Windjammers that's been dipped in a vat of radioactive anime. Nintendo clearly likes what it saw and featured Omega Strikers as part of today's Nintendo Direct presentation, in which viewers were treated to the game's official release date.

Omega Strikers will release on Thursday, April 27, which is slightly later than Odyssey Interactive originally anticipated. In addition to hitting Nintendo Switch, the game will also release on PC, iOS, and Android. Players won't have to worry too hard about which version to jump on, because the game will feature full cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms.

Some players may already be familiar with Omega Strikers, as Odyssey Interactive held an open beta on PC late last year. The developers are hoping to build on feedback from that beta period and are noting that the finalized version will feature further enhancements to elements like the Striker Affinity system and the game's various skill mechanics.

Omega Strikers release date

Source: Odyssey Interactive

Look for Omega Strikers to launch with 15 playable characters, a handful of unique arenas, and ranked and unranked game modes with solo and squad queue. Odyssey Interactive hopes to bring Omega Strikers to other platforms down the road, but for now, look for it to release on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices on April 27. For a closer look at the game, check out the Omega Strikers website.

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