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Evening Reading - October 21, 2022

The Mario movie in different styles, Wesker gaslights you, Carl vs. Geek, Marvel does Lucha Libre, and more in this Friday edition of Evening Reading.


Hello, my friends! It's the middle of October, which for me means the season of allergies. Doesn't that sound fun? With that said, it's time to dive into another round of news, memes, and entertainment. This is the Friday edition of Evening Reading!

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

It's Halloween! Brush up on the latest Halloween events happening this holiday season!

And, because it's the weekend, go find yourself something to play!

Around the gaming horn

Tripwire Interactive gave us a one-hour presentation on the upcoming Deceive Inc. and showed us the Technical Alpha.

We briefly covered this during Saturday's Minecraft Live coverage, but Minecraft Dungeons is still getting new content. The latest update will open up the Tower to four-player multiplayer parties. Learn more about that, the newest mission, the new Enchantsmith, and the exciting addition of pets!

What's this? Seasonal content coming in for Cozy Grove? We'll update our Halloween guide when we learn more.

The upcoming Omega Strikers, from some of the former lead designers at Riot Games, has a release window of February 2023. Plus, it's going to have cross-platform play at launch!

Finally, Persona 5 Royal is out on new platforms! If you haven't had a chance to try it until now, it's time to get into it on Xbox Game Pass.

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

It's-a different!

The late Lou Albano would have thought this was all a hoot.

Still the galaxy's princess

Remembering one of the greats on what would have been her 66th birthday.


Maximilian was watching the Silent Hill Transmission with the rest of us and made this observation.

Silent Hill: The Search for More Money.

Clash of the Troll Titans

So CarlSagan42 and Geek recently went at it in the Super Mario Maker 2 arena, each racing each other in an epic troll level.

Only one can win! Check out the race from each of their points of view.

Toxic Wesker

With Resident Evil in the news, here's something from earlier this week involving Dead by Daylight and the most recent voice behind one Albert Wesker.

If you're asking, "What in the world is the context of this?" Well, here you go!

Nothing but the Hotfix

Halloween season continues with one of GDQ Hotfix's more off-the-wall runs. What's the faster co-op speedrun: Overcooked 2... or Phasmophobia?

GDQ's Hotfix shows air every week and you can catch them all at the Games Done Quick Twitch account.

Under the learning tree with Masahiro Sakurai

Masahiro Sakurai started a YouTube channel! Let's learn from his decades of experience together by looking at one of his latest videos. We covered Sakurai looking at the old Smash Bros. prototype on the front page earlier this week, so let's go a little farther back and hear his thoughts on game essence.

This week in Shaqnews

And we're back!


We're doing something a little different this week. Here's a look at what's coming to Disney+... in Latin America.

You got Franco Escamilla for this, too? Bring this to the States, you cowards!

Tonight in video game music

Lacey Johnson is preparing for Halloween with this amazing cover of the Lavender Town theme from Pokemon R/B/Y.

That's your Evening Reading to send you into the fourth weekend of October! There's only 10 days left until Halloween! Until then, be sure to keep the spirit of the classic Evening Reading alive by jumping into the comments about whatever you see here or whatever randomness you'd like to discuss. Join the conversation and dive into the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below. I'll see you all next week!

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