Overwatch 2: Season 3 includes rewards revamp & Loverwatch mode

Overwatch 2 kicks off Season 3 this Tuesday and Blizzard has revealed new details about what to expect.

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is gearing up for the start of its next season. Season 3 promises to add a slew of new content and limited-time game modes. While everyday players will likely have their eye on the new Antarctica Peninsula map and the upcoming Battle Pass, there are a few surprises to be found on the docket, including... a dating simulator called Loverwatch.

Sure, we could dive into Overwatch 2's big changes, but it's hard not to be intrigued by this Loverwatch idea, so let's explore that first. Loverwatch is a limited-time game mode and one that's rarely seen in games today. It's a text-based dating simulator, one where players go down the path of either Genji or Mercy, who will seek the assistance of Hanzo dressed up as Cupid. Those who help their hero find love can unlock a special POTG highlight. There's a dedicated Loverwatch website that will open up from February 13-28.

The ice-breaker ship in Overwatch 2's Antarctica Peninsula map.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Season 3 has some other items of note, including the Antarctica Peninsula map that was revealed last week. It's a new Control map that will see teams battle it out around an ice-breaker ship and an underground drilling station, among other sights.

As far as unlockables, Blizzard hopes to improve on that while also enticing new players to join the action. Look for 10 more tiers on the free track of the newest Battle Pass. All players can unlock the first five reward tiers by logging in during Season 3's opening week. Look for a new batch of rewards, new in-game events that will take place in the months ahead, and the introduction of nearly every Epic and Legendary skin from the original Overwatch. Old school skins can be found in the Hero Gallery and can be picked up with Overwatch Coins or Credits.

Blizzard also went into more detail on the returning Overwatch World Cup, advanced workshop tools, a new Streamer Mode that offers new privacy protections for streamers, and teased an IP collaboration for later this month. Learn more about those over on the Overwatch website. This is not all from the world of Overwatch, as Blizzard is issuing out some major balance changes for the start of Season 3. We'll have more on those later today. Overwatch 2's Season 3 will begin this Tuesday, February 7.

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