Retro Bowl 'Exhibition games' coming to iOS and Android

Players on iOS and Android will soon have access to the game's new exhibition mode.


Update: The original link to the Retro Bowl website as well as the description of the game quoted from that site was not the official Retro Bowl page. The quote and link have been properly updated. 

As announced earlier today on the game’s social media channels, Retro Bowl has confirmed that it’s adding an exhibition game mode to iOS and Android platforms. The news was shared alongside information regarding how you can check it out now on the game’s website via the Option screen.

The addition of an exhibition game mode is among one of the most requested features for Retro Bowl, and players have been reacting to the news with excitement. While an exact date for when exhibition mode will be added has yet to be shared, it’s noted that it’ll be available on all platforms including iOS and Android.

For those unfamiliar with Retro Bowl, it’s a classic style football title popular on mobile devices and available on platforms like Nintendo Switch. On its website, Retro Bowl is described as follows:

For more on Retro Bowl, be sure to check out the game’s website. Also read through some of our other game coverage today including Knockout City shutting down this June, and Activision Blizzard having to pay $35 million for breaking an SEC whistleblower rule.

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