Amazon (AMZN) AWS revenue topped $21 billion during Q4 2022

AWS sales grew year-over-year in Q4 2022 according to Amazon's (AMZN) latest earnings report.


Amazon (AMZN) reported their Q4 2022 earnings results on Thursday, and the company reported 20% growth in AWS (Amazon Web Services) year-over-year to $21.4 billion.

If you work for a website or help maintain one, you’re likely very familiar with AWS. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sales for AWS grew year-over-year. What might surprise some is that operating income was down to $5.2 billion in Q4 2022 from $5.3 billion in Q4 2021. However, operating income was up was up overall in 2022 coming in at $22.8 billion compared to $18.5 billion in 2021.

Amazon Q4 2022 Earnings Results AWS

Amazon’s Q4 2022 earnings report went on to detail a bunch of new commitments and integrations for AWS, listed below:

  • Nasdaq completed the migration of its MRX core trading system to the cloud, delivering a 10% performance improvement for market participants and marking a major milestone in Nasdaq’s journey to deliver the first cloud-based U.S. options exchange.
  • NFL and AWS announced the NFL Contact Detection Challenge, which invites experts to use machine learning (ML) and computer vision to predict and prevent injuries.
  • Yahoo Ad Tech selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider to develop tailored and immersive solutions for brands to better connect with their audiences.
  • Stability AI selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider to build and train artificial intelligence (AI) models for the best performance at the lowest cost.
  • Descartes Labs is going all-in on AWS to give customers timely, actionable insights to tackle challenges like enhancing food security and mitigating climate change.
  • Brookfield Asset Management selected AWS as a preferred cloud provider to advance renewable energy use globally.
  • Duke Energy is working with AWS on smart grid solutions to improve reliability and resiliency in preparation for rapid electric vehicle adoption.
  • Wallbox migrated to AWS, enabling customers to return excess energy to the grid and reducing the company’s IT costs by 70%.
  • American Family Insurance named AWS as its preferred cloud provider to unlock personalized service and security for its 13.1 million policyholders.

There was a lot more to dig into with Amazon regarding their Q4 2022 earnings report, including how they beat revenue expectations. You can follow along with our extensive gaming and tech financial coverage by checking out our stock market topic on Shacknews.

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