YouTube tallied $7.96 billion of ad revenue in Q4 2022

Like Q3 2022, YouTube's ad revenue for Q4 2022 was down.

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Google (GOOGL) has released its Q4 2022 earnings results and, much like last quarter, there were not a lot of highs for the company. All things being relative, the company reported YouTube’s ad revenue hit $7.96 billion for the quarter.

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YouTube's ad revenue hit $7.96 billion for the last quarter, an impressive figure despite being down compared to the same quarter in 2021.

Google (GOOGL) released its Q4 2022 earnings reports on February 2, 2023. In these reports, Google highlighted YouTube’s ad revenue having hit $7.96 billion for the final quarter of the company’s 2022 fiscal year. However, the ad revenue is down from the same quarter of the previous year where it hit $8.6 billion in Q4 2021. This is a 7.7 percent decline in revenue from ads.

However, this is an increase over Google’s Q3 2022 YouTube ad revenue results. Last quarter, it hit $7.07 billion, which again was lower than the same reporting period of the previous year. It would appear that the last half of 2022 was sluggish for YouTube’s ad revenue. The first two quarters showed an increase when compared to 2021’s ad revenue.

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