Redfall requires an online connection for single player

A account will also be required to play Arkane Austin's latest.


While one of Redfall's biggest draws will undoubtedly be the game's co-op feature, hunting vampires doesn't always have to be a group activity. Some people out there are more introverted, enjoy solitary gaming sessions, and would rather be more of a Blade or a Buffy and do their vampire hunting solo. Those solo players may be slightly discouraged to learn that even in single-player, an online connection will be required to jump into Redfall.

"A persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op," reads the official Redfall FAQ. It adds just underneath that statement that a account will be required to play. On top of that, Redfall players will need to link their accounts to their Steam or Xbox User ID.

There are a few takeaways to be had from this information. One way to read this is that Bethesda hopes to broaden Redfall's social aspirations, making it easier for users to share their vampire hunter. That's plausible given the scope of the game's character customization. That's merely an educated guess, considering Arkane previously stated that Redfall could be played as a truly single-player experience. However, there are some significant concerns to be had. Those without reliable internet connections could suddenly lose progress due to an outage. Worse yet, they could get locked out of Redfall entirely if there's a prolonged internet outage.

Hunting vampires in an abandoned house in Redfall

Source: Bethesda

Redfall's always online requirement shouldn't be a deal-breaker for many looking forward to it, but it should be enough to cause a few concerns. Look for Redfall to come to PC and Xbox Series X|S on May 2.

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      People need to internalize equating “online connection requirement” with “you’ll likely only be able to play this game within the next five years,” because at some point they’re going to decide the game’s not making enough money to justify the server overhead, and unlike how you can currently play, say, Deus Ex from 23 years ago, you will never be able to play Redfall in 2046.

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