Ghostbusters expert compares HasLab's Spengler's Proton Pack and $3,000 Custom Pack

Learn more about the intricacies and details of HasLab's Spengler's Proton Pack and see what sets it apart from a $3,000 Custom Pack.


If you’re a Ghostbusters fan considering purchasing cool equipment like HasLab’s Spengler’s Proton Pack, or simply want to learn more about what it might cost to make your own, you’re in luck as a recent Shacknews video comes packed with a wealth of information you’re sure to find helpful.

Not only does the video feature Shacknews’ resident Ghostbusters expert, Greg Burke, showing off the recreation of Egon Spengler's Proton Pack from HasLab which retails at a starting price of $399.99 (USD), it also features Nor-Cal Ghostbuster, Chris Nance, and their $3,000 custom pack which took hundreds of hours over the course of 3 years to put together.

Shacknews' Greg Burke on the left with Nor-Cal Ghostbusters expert Chris Nance showing the HasLabs recreation of Spengler's Proton Pack with a $3,000 custom made replica
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With the two displayed side-by-side, Burke and Nance proceed to run through some of the key differences between the replica Proton Pack that can be purchased for a couple hundred bucks, and the one specially made by Chris Nance. Touching on the replica, the description of the video explains:

While the replica is certainly great for cosplay, enthusiasts will almost certainly appreciate the sheer attention to detail seen with Nance’s $3,000 custom model in aspects like the ribbon cable, Clippard valve, and wand, and real resistors on the ion arm. To dig even deeper into the impressive work seen on Nance’s custom Proton Pack, and see how it stacks up to HasLab’s replica, be sure to watch the full video over on the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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