Runway guide - GoldenEye 007

Mission three in GoldenEye 007 is Runway. Here's how to complete it on Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent.


The third mission in GoldenEye 007 is Runway and it’s one of the shortest in the game. There are only a couple of tasks you need to complete whether you’re playing on the easiest Agent setting, Secret Agent, or 00 Agent. Regardless of your difficulty level, we’ll guide you to the end so you can escape.

Runway walkthrough

Click the links in the table to jump to the objective you need to complete. While each difficulty level must find the plane key and escape, Secret Agent and 00 Agent have one and two additional tasks, respectively.

Runway - Difficulty & Objectives
Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Find plane ignition key Find plane ignition key Find plane ignition key
Escape in plane Destroy missile battery Destroy heavy gun emplacements
Escape in plane Destroy missile battery
Escape in plane

Find plane ignition key

The plane ignition key on a table guarded by two soldiers
Exit the building you start in and enter the one on the left. Snatch the key off the desk and run!
Source: Shacknews

The plane engine key is found in a building outside, to the left of the one you start in. It is on a desk, with two soldiers standing behind. With the key in your hand, leave the room and go to the opposite side of the building you started in to find a tank! Jump onto the top and interact with the hatch to drive it. Make sure to switch to the tank shells.

A tank beside the main building
Look around the other side of the main building for the tank.
Source: Shacknews

Destroy heavy gun emplacements

A heavy gun emplacement being blown up
The first heavy gun is on the left side of the runway. You can see the barrels sticking out of the pillbox in the image.
Source: Shacknews

There are three heavy gun emplacements to destroy along the runway. The first is halfway along, on the left side. It has a direct line on the plane.

Two heavy guns at the end of the runway
There are two more heavy guns flanking the end of the runway.
Source: Shacknews

The last two heavy guns are mounted on the cliff walls at the end of the runway. You may need to drive the tank to the end to get a decent shot – unless you’re quite good at lobbing them.

Destroy missile battery

A missile battery on a building by a plane

Source: Shacknews

The missile battery is on the building beside the plane. There’s a single soldier standing near it and an explosive barrel. Use the tank to blow it up with one shot.

Escape in plane

Bond flying away in the plane
Interact with the plane to fly away and complete the mission.
Source: Shacknews

Finally, jump out of the tank and interact with the plane to fly off. That’s really all there is to Runway. If you’ve managed to complete it within 5 minutes, you’ll unlock the DK Mode cheat, one of the many cheats and unlocks in GoldenEye 007.

With Runway finished, you’ll be whisked off to Surface. This is the first time you’ll be visiting this location, so learn the layout while you’re there. Check out the Shacknews GoldenEye 007 page for more mission guides.

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