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Complete Surface 1 with ease using our GoldenEye 007 guide for Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent.


Surface 1, as the name suggests, is the first time you’ll visit this location in GoldenEye 007. As the fourth mission in the game, it lays the foundation for another mission that will take place later on. Learn the layout of the area because you’ll need the knowledge later on.

Surface 1 walkthrough

Click the links in the table to go to the objective you need to complete. There are quite a few differences between the difficulties, but all of them will need to copy the Goldeneye key and leave the original.

Surface 1 - Difficulty & Objectives
Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Power down communications dish Power down communications dish Power down communications dish
Enter base via ventilation tower Obtain safe key Obtain safe key
Steal building plans Steal building plans
Enter base via ventilation tower Enter base via ventilation tower

Power down communications dish

Powering down the communications dish is technically Objective A, but it is quicker to complete this after the next two tasks. The goal is to reach the massive building with the satellite dish on top of it.

The terminal used to shutdown the communications dish
Head to the large building on the horizon (the one with the dish) and search the upper level for the terminal.
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The building is along the left side of the area, close to the ventilation tower. Enter the building and go up the stairs. The room at the end will have a computer terminal – interact with it to power down the communications dish.

Now you can either exit via the vent or grab the safe key and building plans. What you do next will depend entirely on the difficulty level and how you approach the mission.

Obtain safe key

The building containing the large key
Locate this building and neutralize the officer inside. Grab the large key he drops, it's needed for the safe key.
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Obtaining the safe key on Surface 1 first requires finding a different key. Begin by heading to the right side of the mission start. Look for the third house on the right. Inside will be an officer and a soldier. Neutralize the officer and pick up the large key he drops.

The building containing the safe key
After you have the large key, locate the first building on the left. Inside is the safe key.
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Go to the left side of the area and enter the first house on the left. The large key will unlock the door and inside is the safe key on the table. With the safe key obtained, you can now steal the building plans.

Steal building plans

A compound of two buildings surrounded by a fence

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The building plans are in a safe in a small compound along the left side of the area. After obtaining the large key and safe key, follow the left wall past the observatory building with the domed room. The path will bend to the left before the massive building with the satellite dish.

Follow the path to the left to reach a compound containing two buildings and explosive barrels surrounded by a fence. Enter the building on the left to locate the safe. Open the safe and grab the building plans.

Enter base via ventilation tower

The ventilation tower used to finish the mission
The ventilation tower is behind the communications dish building. Climb the ladder, shoot the padlocks, and jump down.
Source: Shacknews

The last objective for Surface 1 is to enter the base via the ventilation tower. The ventilation tower is behind the massive communications dish building. It is a little structure rising out of the ground with a ladder. To find it easily, stick to the left side of the field.

When you find the ventilation tower, climb the ladder and shoot the four locks. The grate will fall down allowing you to step into the hole and finish the mission.

Surface 1 is a nice introduction to an area you will be visiting again in a few missions. Surface 2 is far more challenging, but before that you’ll need to complete Bunker 1 and a few others. Check out the Shacknews GoldenEye 007 page for our ongoing coverage of this old school classic.

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