Hitman's Freelancer Mode launches as the trilogy transitions to World of Assassination

As the trilogy shifts into one big package, so too does the new rogue-lite Freelancer Mode launch free for owners of Hitman 3.


Hitman fans should have tons of fun in store for them today. Not only is the trilogy transitioning to the World of Assassination bundle to simplify buying the games, but Freelancer Mode has launched and is available to play for free if you had Hitman 3. A much-anticipated feature, Freelancer Mode brings a customizable safe house and rogue-lite hunting of targets and organizations across the World of Assassination trilogy’s vast array of maps.

IO Interactive formally celebrated the World of Assassination transition and the launch of Freelancer Mode with new trailers on January 26, 2023. With today’s launches, players who own Hitman 3 will have the base content of Hitman 1 and 2 added to their game for free while new purchasers will be able to get all three games in one package in World of Assassination. Perhaps just as importantly, Freelancer Mode gives us a whole new challenge in which to put our Silent Assassin skills to the test.

Target tracking in Hitman Freelancer Mode
Players will track various targets in syndicates to track down each organization's big cheese and take them out in Hitman's Freelancer Mode.
Source: IO Interactive

Freelancer Mode is a rogue-lite mode. In it, Agent 47 moves to a safe house in which he begins the hunt for various organizations in locations from throughout the World of Assassination games. You only have base equipment and what you can scavenge from the missions themselves when you’re in the field. You’ll hunt targets of increasing severity until you can get intel on a lead and take them down. Fail and you’ll lose all your collected gear and have to start from scratch. Meanwhile, the Safe House is its own thing, featuring customizable décor and a firing range in which to test your gear.

With Freelancer Mode out today and the World of Assassination transition complete, it’s arguably as good a time as any to go back to Hitman whether you’re just starting or returning to the game. Stay tuned for more updates and details here at Shacknews.

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