Minecraft Legends unveils PvP mode at Xbox Developer Direct

Multiplayer in Minecraft Legends will extend to PvP and will be cross-platform. It also received a release date!


Wednesday's Xbox Developer_Direct kicked off with a fresh look at Minecraft Legends. Specifically, it's a first look at the game's PvP component. The game will feature a competitive PvP element and, just like online co-op, will be available with cross-platform play.

Shortly after its Xbox Developer_Direct reveal, Xbox Wire revealed new details on this PvP mode. It will feature 4v4 battles, which will take place in the same Overworld setting as the main campaign. It's being described as more of a Minecraft strategy game, encouraging users to take what they've learned in the single-player story and use it to destroy the opposing team's base.

Early screenshot of Minecraft Legends

Source: Mojang

Minecraft Legends was first revealed back during June's Xbox & Bethesda Showcase and offers a whole new spin on the popular franchise. This one is more focused on an open-world adventure, as players must repel a Piglin invasion in order to save the Overworld.

On top of the PvP overview, Mojang also offered up an official release date. Minecraft Legends is now set to come to PC, PlayStation, Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass), and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, April 18.

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