Jagged Alliance 3 brings back original designer to assist in its development

Haeminont Games got ahold of Ian Currie, who has worked on the better parts of the Jagged Alliance series since the beginning.


The Jagged Alliance franchise has a mixed reputation from time in the wrong hands throughout its history, so fans have been nervous about whether or not Jagged Alliance 3 can stick the landing. That said, THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games are most certainly invested in its success, apparently even going as far as to bring back one of its original designers. In a recent video, the Jagged Alliance 3 devs confirmed that original Jagged Alliance designer Ian Currie is back on deck and assisting to make sure the game is everything a new and proper title in the franchise ought to be.

THQ Nordic released a new Jagged Alliance 3 Meet the Creators developer diary video on its YouTube channel on January 19, 2023, in which Ian Currie is revealed to be working on the game. Currie isn’t shy about saying that he was skeptical of a “Jagged Alliance 3” when he first heard of it, given how the franchise has been mishandled by various publishers and developers through the years. However, THQ Nordic apparently convinced Currie that what Haemimont was going for was a true and excellent successor to Jagged Alliance 2, and it was enough to get him involved with the project.

Ian Currie has a history going back to the very first Jagged Alliance in 1995. He helped craft the concept of the game and was its principal designer alongside Linda Currie. The Curries would work on the Jagged Alliance franchise for years, developing spinoffs like Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games and eventually the excellence of classic PC gaming that was Jagged Alliance 2. However, when the IP changed hands, the Curries didn’t go with it as a number of poor quality titles were launched in previous efforts to revive the series.

Jagged Alliance 3 screenshot of a jungle village with mercenaries traveling through.
Ian Currie came on board the development of Jagged Alliance 3 with a wealth of knowledge as to what the game needs to truly feel like part of the franchise's best.
Source: THQ Nordic

That said, Jagged Alliance 3 has looked like a breath of fresh life for the franchise ever since it was first shown in 2021. With Ian Currie back on deck to assist in its development and direction, it’s even more promising that someone who cares about and knows how the series works is there. We’re still waiting on details like a release window for Jagged Alliance 3, though it is currently able to be wishlisted on Steam. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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