Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 media player price, specs & features

Learn about the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 including its features, specifications, and the price.


Sony has officially unveiled its Walkman NW-ZX700, a digital audio player that boasts some impressive tech. For those audiophiles out there that adore quality music while on the go, this new media player is worth checking out. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about Sony’s Walkman NW-ZX700, including specs, features, and the price.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 reveal trailer

Before we talk specs, check out the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 reveal trailer. This short video does a good job at highlighting some of the features present in this compact device.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 features

A person sits in a chair, listening to music on the NW-ZX700 in their hand

Source: Sony

As you can see from the above trailer, the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 has a few incredible features. The official Sony site provides even more insight into what’s packed into this neat little digital audio player. Let’s go over some of the key points.

Firstly, the design. The Walkman NW-ZX700 is immediately striking, with its 5-inch screen, milled edges, and golden highlights. While the screen is digital, there are notes of analogue designs, including dials and knobs when listening to music or even a cassette screensaver when certain codecs are used.

The Walkman NW-ZX700 has Sony’s unique sound processing technology including Hi-Res Audio, Direct Stream Digital, and DSEE Ultimate. On the sound processing technology section, Sony breaks down how this technology functions. The Pulse Code Modulation audio is resampled and then delivered to the digital to analogue converter, ensuring characteristics that are closer to analogue sound.

The NW-ZX700 with a cassette screensaver

Source: Sony

DSEE Ultimate is an AI-enhancement tool that upscales compressed digital files. The system can improve CD-quality lossless codec audio which restores “acoustic subtleties and dynamic range,” according to the site. There is a lot of technical information available, so it’s worth reading if you have a penchant for all things audio.

On the battery and connectivity side, the Walkman NW-ZX700 has between 22 and 25 hours of battery life depending on how you use the device. Users will be able to charge the device using its USB-C port, which is also how you will transfer music files. While it does have 64GB of internal memory, the storage can be expanded with an SD card. The Walkman also has WiFi compatibility for accessing music streaming apps.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 specs

While the features are impressive, sometimes you just want the raw stats and specs. Thankfully, Sony has provided a wealth of information on the Walkman NW-ZX700.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX707
In the box USB Type-C®Cable(USB-A - USB-C) (1)
Operating Instructions
Reference Guide
Size & Weight
Dimensions (W/H/D) Approx. 72.5 mm x 132.3 mm x 16.9 mm
Weight Approx. 227 g
WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Frequency Band 2.4 / 5 GHz
Battery Life - Continuous Playmback Music with Music App MP3 (128kbps) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 25 hour, MP3 (128kbps) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 24 hour, FLAC (96kHz / 24bit) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 23 hour, FLAC (96kHz / 24bit) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 23 hour, FLAC (192kHz / 24bit) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 21 hour, FLAC (192kHz / 24bit) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 21 hour, DSD (2.8224MHz / 1bit) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 21 hour, DSD (2.8224MHz / 1bit) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 21 hour
Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music (Other Music App) MP3 (128kbps, offline mode) / Stereo mini-jack: 22 hour, MP3 (128kbps, offline mode) / Balanced standard-jack:21 hour
Battery Life - BlueTooth (Transmitter Mode) MP3 (128kbps) / SBC-Connection pref: Approx.22 hrs
Charging Time (full charge) Approx. 3.5 hrs
Built-in battery Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery
Charging and Power supply USB power (from a computer via a USB)
Memory Size 64GB *Actual available memory 47GB
Playback & display
Music Play Mode Shuffle Playback,Repeat Off,Repeat 1 Song,Repeat All,All Range,Selected Range
Sound Effects Direct Source (Direct) ,10 Band equalizer,DSEE Ultimate, DC Phase Linearizer,Dynamic Normalizer,Vinyl Processor
Audio Playback MP3: 32 - 320kbps (supports VBR) / 32, 44.1, 48kHz, WMA: 32-320kbps (supports variable bitrate(VBR) / 44.1kHz (STEREO) ,32-48kbps / 44.1kHz (MONO) , FLAC: 16, 24bit / 8-384kHz, WAV: 16, 24, 32bit (Float / Integer) / 8-384kHz, AAC : 16-320kbps / 8-48kHz, HE-AAC: 32-144kbps / 8-48kHz, Apple Lossless: 16, 24bit / 8-384kHz, AIFF: 16, 24, 32bit / 8-384kHz, DSD: 1bit / 2.8224, 5.6448, 11.2896 MHz, APE: 8, 16, 24bit / 8-192kHz (Fast, Normal, High), MQA: Supported
Display Resolution 12.7 cm (5.0-inch) ,HD (1280 x 720 Pixels)
Display Type TFT colour display with white LED-backlight
Drag and Drop Yes
Music Searching Methods All Songs,Artist,Release Year,Playlists,Album,Genre,Composer,Hi-Res,Recent Transfers,Folder,Cue sheet
Headphone Out (Stereo mini-jack)
Frequency 20-40,000 Hz
Maximum Power Output (JEITA 16Ω/mW) 50mW+50mW (High Gain)
Headphone Out Balanced standard-jack)
Frequency 20-40,000 Hz
Maximum Power Output (JEITA 16Ω/mW) 230mW+230mW (High Gain)
Operating System Android 12
Terminals USB:Type-C (USB3.2 Gen1 compliant), Headphone: Stereo mini jack, Balanced standard-jack,External memory: MicroSD MicroSDHC MicroSDXC
Wireless Capabilities Communication system: Bluetooth Specification Version 5.0, NFC:No, Supported Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, OPP, DID, Supported Codecs (Transmission): SBC, LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, AAC
talkback Yes

Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 price

The Sony Walkman NW-ZX700

Source: Sony

Though we’ve been unable to find an official USD price, there are reports that the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 is retailing for about 104,500 yen which is roughly $810 USD according to the current exchange rate. Consumers can likely anticipate a different price point when it is officially available for purchase in the States.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 release date

The Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 on its side

Source: Sony

Unfortunately, there is currently no release date for the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 in the United States. According to The Walkman Blog, the device is scheduled to release in Japan on February 23, 2023.

The Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 is an impressive piece of hardware. Any audiophiles out there who have been longing for a high-quality audio portable device to listen to their favorite tunes are certain to be in for a good time. Keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest on Sony products.

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      Users will be able to charge the device using its USB-C port, which is also how you will transfer music files.
      While it does have 64GB of internal memory, the storage can be expanded with an SD card.

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