Sony Honda Mobility unveils its Afeela electric vehicle

CES 2023 saw Sony reveal the Afeela prototype, an announcement that Epic Games is involved, and an estimated shipment year of 2026.


Sony and Honda have entered into a joint venture to create an electric vehicle, which was officially unveiled at CES 2023. Called Afeela, the EV utilizes the technology of Sony, Honda, Qualcomm, and even Epic Games to deliver to consumers another option when it comes to greener alternatives to combustion engine vehicles.

During the Sony CES 2023 press conference, Representative Director, Chairman, and CEO of Sony Honda Mobility Yasuhide Mizuno took to the stage to reveal and discuss the company’s first electric vehicle, Afeela.

A top-down view of the Afeela with annotations showing the 45 internal and external sensors

Source: Sony

The vehicle boasts some 45 external and internal sensors and cameras that allow it to detect the environment around it and inside the car. These will be used to aid in safe driving by detecting pedestrians as well as monitoring the driver and the vehicle.

Two screens can be seen on the headrests of the prototype, allowing passengers in the back access to in-cabin entertainment from music to movies and even games. Part of this feature is likely thanks to the input from Epic Games who had a brief appearance during the presentation.

Consumers in North America can anticipate the first shipment of Afeela to arrive on their shores in spring of 2026. With the world rapidly shifting toward greener and more environmentally friendly vehicles, it’s great to see more competition in the electric vehicle space. Take a look at our EV page for more on this new technology and our CES 2023 wrap-up piece for other announcements from this year’s event.

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