Musk says he will be an early adopter of Neuralink brain chips

The almost three hour presentation also went into great detail about Neuralink and the advancements of the technology.

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The steady march of technological advancement never ceases to amaze. Among Elon Musk’s many endeavors is Neuralink, a technology that seeks to advance humankind through the insertion of microchips into brains. In a recent Neuralink presentation, Musk stated that in a future demo he will have his own Neuralink implant.

On November 30, 2022, the Neuralink Show and Tell presentation took place. This show was nearly three hours long and dove into the many details of the Neuralink product, including a fresh look at monkeys playing Pong with their minds. However, at one point in the show Elon Musk spoke to the size of the Neuralink. “You could have a Neuralink device implanted right now and you wouldn’t even know it,” He said. “In fact, in one of these demos, I will.”

There is no doubt a lot of work to be done before Elon Musk gets a Neuralink imbedded in his own grey matter. Recently, public records of Neuralink’s work has shown the treatment of animals to be horrific, with Business Wire noting “sloppy experiments” that left the animals paralyzed, gave them internal bleeding, and caused declining psychological health – all before the monkeys were killed.

Hopefully Neuralink works to improve the conditions of its animal testing. This will likely be an important step before the devices can get anywhere near a living human’s head. For more on Neuralink and the latest on Elon Musk, be sure to check out the linked Shacknews pages.

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