Everything we spotted in the second Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer

The second trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie has been revealed and we've scoured it for every hint, Easter egg or bit of information.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie has received a second trailer and this one is jam-packed full of little nods to the iconic franchise. We’ve gone through the trailer with a fine-toothed comb and have discovered a few Easter eggs as well as some interesting things we noticed! Take a look at the trailer and then come with us as we dissect it.

The Super Mario Bros. Move second trailer Easter eggs

Before we begin going through the trailer frame-by-frame to see what clues, hints, and Easter eggs can be spotted, you first need to actually watch the trailer! In it, we get to see a little bit more of the adventure that Mario will get to go on when the film releases on April 7, 2022. Check it out below.

Now, as for the bits we noticed, there was one right at the beginning. As Mario psyches himself up for a brawl against Donkey Kong, the camera angle changes and we get to see the two foes standing on a red, steel girder.

Mario and Donkey Kong fight on a red girder

Source: Nintendo

Those who grew up playing the original Donkey Kong will remember spending a whole lot of time running across girders, dodging barrels, in an attempt to rescue Peach.

Bowsers army amassing

Source: Nintendo

That’s a lot of bad guys! It looks like King Bowser has amassed quite the army to perform his dastardly deeds. There are Shy Guys, Piranha Plants, Hammer Bros, Swoops, and a plethora of other iconic Mario enemies from the games.

Mario fixes a dripping tap

Source: Nintendo

Before Mario was the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, collecting coins, stars, and rescuing Princess Peach, he was a plumber from Brooklyn. We get to actually see Mario laboring in his job, fixing a dripping tap, and then fist-bumping his brother Luigi as they stroll across a street.

Toads group around a world map showing six unique locations

Source: Nintendo

At one point in the trailer, a council of Toads are grouped around a map showing six distinct worlds. There are a couple of fiery locations, Mushroom Kingdom, what appears to be Donkey Kong’s land, and even a desert location.

Peach and Toad walk through the castle, paintings are hanging on the walls

Source: Nintendo

Anyone who’s played Super Mario 64 will fondly recall jumping into paintings in Peach’s Castle. In the trailer there are a few paintings adorning the walls, and though none are one-to-one copies of the N64 game, it is a nice nod to the Nintendo 64 title. One of the paintings looks like it could be based on Tiny Huge Island or even Tall, Tall Mountain.

Mario flies through the sky wearing a Tanooki Suit

Source: Nintendo

It wouldn’t be a Mario movie if Mario didn’t have access to some incredible power ups. We get to see Mario take to the sky in his iconic Tanooki Suit and even Princess Peach gets in on the action with a Fire Flower. In fact, Peach, Mario, and Toad can be seen standing in a sprawling field of Fire Flowers.

A herd of Yoshi run by a stream

Source: Nintendo

Though it was only quick, the trailer did show us a herd of the Yoshi species running by a river. Could Mario find himself on Yoshi's Island and maybe even meeting the one and only Yoshi we all know and love?

Mario and Luigi fly through tubes to another galaxy

Source: Nintendo

It’s only a small line, but it was important enough for us to notice. At one point Princess Peach says, “There’s a huge universe out there, with a lot of galaxies.” At the same time, we see Mario and Luigi being pulled through some rifts in time, presumably travelling to the Mushroom Kingdom. This could very well be a nod to the Mario Galaxy titles that were so beloved on the Wii and Wii U.

Mario is driving in his kart

Source: Nintendo

This one cannot be missed (unless you had your eyes closed). In the closing moments of the trailer, Mario and his cohort of allies can be seen racing along on their journey using vehicles from Mario Kart. Mario is using his red kart, Peach is on her motorcycle, while Toad drives his monster truck. More than that, various Kong family members can be seen in the convoy.

The Kong family are in karts behind Mario on Rainbow Road

Source: Nintendo

Speaking of Kong family members, the Super Mario Bros Movie trailer gives us quite a good look at numerous characters. There’s Funky Kong, Cranky Kong, and even Lanky Kong. It seems as though the whole family is ready to help Mario put an end to Bowser’s war.

Mario and the gang drive along the Rainbow Road

Source: Nintendo

Finally, the last scene in the trailer is all the heroes racing in their karts, but did you notice what they were on? That’s right, it’s a road made of a rainbow, or in to put it another way, Rainbow Road. Reckon anyone will fall off the side and be picked up by a Lakitu?

That’s everything we spotted in the second trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Did you see anything we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled to release on April 7, 2023. Be sure to check out our Super Mario Bros Movie cast list so you can see which actors are voicing what characters!

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