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Everything you need to know about the Eliksni Quarter community event during Season of Plunder from the Rising Tide quest to earning Captain's Coins.


The Eliksni Quarter community event has kicked off in Destiny 2. As the final big event in Season of Plunder, this tasks players with collecting Captain’s Coins from activities and donating them via a chest in the Tower. There are personal rewards to unlock and community milestones. The goal is to raise enough funds to revamp the Eliksni Quarter.

A Rising Tide

The first step in A Rising Tide quest in Destiny 2 requiring players to collect 1 Captain's Coins
Visit the Tower and pick up the Rising Tide quest to start helping with the Eliksni Quarter event.
Source: Shacknews

A Rising Tide is the overarching quest for the Eliksni Quarter community event. This event will introduce you to earning Captain’s Coins and then track the community progress through various steps. When a new community milestone is reached, you must visit the Eliksni Quarter via the HELM to see the improvement.

  1. Collect 1 Captain’s Coin
  2. Donate the Captain’s Coin
  3. Visit Improvement 1: Cleanup
  4. Visit Improvement 2: The Ether Tank
  5. Visit Improvement 3: Comforts
  6. Visit Improvement 4:Recruits
  7. Visit Improvement 5: Housing
  8. Visit Improvement 6: Garden
  9. Visit Improvements 7: Town Square

Each Improvement unlocks at specific milestones. The community will need to donate a total of 400 million Captain’s Coins in order to fully complete the upgrades.

Eliksni Quarter Improvements
Improvement Captain's Coins goal
Cleanup 40,000,000
The Ether Tank 80,000,000
Comforts 140,000,000
Recruits 200,000,000
Housing 260,000,000
Garden 320,000,000
Town Square 400,000,000

You can track the global effort via the Donation’s Chest or the Rising Tide quest in your Quests tab. The stat is updated every 15 minutes.

Eliksni Quarter rewards

The Parts of a Whole emblem reward for donating Captain's Coins
There are quite a few rewards to unlock as part of the Eliksni Quarter event.
Source: Shacknews

There are a set of rewards to earn for your own personal efforts. To get all rewards you will need to donate 2,400 treasures – this includes map fragments, coordinates, etc. Some of these will unlock as more improvements are made to the Eliksni Quarter.

Eliksni Quarter rewards
Reward Captain's Coins goal
Parts of a Whole (Emblem) 50
Enhancement Cores x5 300
Upgrade Module x3 600
Eliksni Quarter Gift Box 1,000
Enhancement Prisms x2 1,400
Ascendant Shard 1,800
Swashbuckler Shell 2,400

How to get Captain’s Coins

A map of the EDZ highlighting Widow's Walk
Widow's Walk is one of the shortest Lost Sectors in the game. This is a great way to farm Captain's Coins.
Source: Shacknews

In terms of getting Captain’s Coins, they are awarded for completing a variety of activities. Each activity will reward slightly different values. The best way to farm Captain’s Coins is to speedrun Lost Sectors. The Widow’s Walk Lost Sector in the EDZ can be completed in a matter of seconds, earning players about 14 coins per completion.

A post by Bachmanetti on the Raid Secrets subreddit has collated the various activities and the quantity of Captain’s Coins that are earned.

Captain's Coins per activity
Activity Captain's Coins
Destination chests 3
Public Events 7
Heroic Public Events 10
Lost Sectors 14
Strikes 25
Gambit 35
Crucible 35
Dares of Eternity 35 - 56
Ketchcrash 50
Expedition 50
King's Fall 340
Eliksni Quarter Gift Box 1,000

As mentioned above, farming Lost Sectors is the way to go. However, before you do this, make sure you complete all of your weeklies and challenges, as those activities will help you in other areas too.

How to donate Captain’s Coins

The donate Captain's Coins button in the Donation's Chest in the Tower
The donation button will use all of your Captain's Coins.
Source: Shacknews

Captain’s Coins can be donated at the chest in the Tower. Load into the main area of the Tower and look for the chest right in the middle. It’s where Eva Levante usually stands during other seasonal events.

Interact with the Donations Chest and select the button under Donate Captain’s Coins. This will donate every single coin you have.

With the Eliksni Quarter community event underway – and the end of the season in sight – now’s the perfect time to dive into Destiny 2 and knock out some final tasks. Read over our Destiny 2 strategy guide for a wealth of information on each season and guides to help you through the endgame.

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