Overwatch 2 achieves more monthly Twitch viewership than the original ever did

With 133 million hours viewed in October 2022, Overwatch 2 ranked high on StreamElements' State of the Stream Twitch Top 10.

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There’s little doubt that Twitch has increased viewership quite a bit since the pandemic when everyone was stuck indoors, but despite not hitting the highest heights of 2021, Twitch still has quite a bit of viewership sticking around and Overwatch 2 might be a prime example of that. StreamElements just released its October 2022 State of the Stream report and Overwatch 2 was a top performer in its Twitch Top 10. That includes the fact that Twitch stayed over 1.7 billion hours of viewing for another month this year, which seems to be the baseline it has established for 2022.

StreamElements launched its State of the Stream October 2022 report with data from its analytics partner at Rainmaker.gg on November 21, 2022. In said report, Twitch achieved a viewership of 1.794 billion hours watched for the month, marking another month the platform has stayed over 1.7 billion hours all year long. One of the leaders of this viewership was Overwatch 2, which released in early October and had the whole month to garner viewers. It landed at the number 3 spot in the Twitch Top 10 with 133 million hours watched.

StreamElements State of the Stream October 2022 Top 10 Twitch chart
StreamElements' State of the Stream top 10 Twitch chart shows Overwatch 2 at #3 with 133 million hours viewed, higher than the original Overwatch ever achieved.
Source: StreamElements

This is a pretty notable milestone for Overwatch 2. The previous Overwatch never cracked anything higher than #5 on StreamElements State of the Stream Twitch Top 10 since its launch in 2016. Not only is this indicative of a grown audience since the first game came out, but it also speaks to Twitch’s overall growth in viewership as a whole. Heck, Overwatch 2 even managed to beat out DOTA 2, which had a big month with the help of The International 2022.

Overwatch 2 may have its problems, but there’s little doubt that the game still has a strong following if Twitch’s viewership is any indication. Stay tuned for further State of the Stream reports from StreamElements and Rainmaker.gg.

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