UK CMA opens investigation into Apple & Google's control of mobile browsing market

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority intends to explore what could be considered a 'stranglehold' on mobile browsing under Apple and Google.

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It would appear that Google and Apple are about to face a new investigation in the United Kingdom. The two have long held undoubtable dominance over the state of internet browsing on mobile devices and the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) is concerned that this constitutes a duopoly. The CMA has launched an investigation into Apple and Google’s alleged “stranglehold” on the mobile browsing market.

The CMA announced its investigation into Apple and Google via the Gov.UK website on November 22, 2022.

“Browsers are one of the most important and widely used apps on mobile devices,” the statement reads. “Most people use their browser at least daily to access online content such as information, news, videos and shopping. 97% of all mobile web browsing in the UK in 2021 happens on browsers powered by either Apple’s or Google’s browser engine, so any restrictions on these engines can have a major impact on users’ experiences.”

The investigation also alleges that in their control of mobile browsing, Apple and Google force web designers to adhere to ecosystems full of glitches and bugs while building webpages.

The Competitions and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom
The CMA has investigated Apple and Google over anti-competitive practices before, but this latest focuses on the companys' control of mobile internet browsing.
Source: CMA

Both Apple and Google have been under the microscope of the CMA extensively in previous cases that alleged anti-competitive practices. Apple’s App Store and particularly its terms and conditions for the store drew a previous anti-competitive investigation from the CMA. In Google’s case, the CMA launched a probe that alleged the company was favoring its own ad marketing and exchange services and using its power in the browsing space to limit visibility of rivals.

The CMA has been relentless in its effort to hold major tech companies to task, so it will be interesting to see how the latest round of investigations into Apple and Google turn out. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates.

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