CEO touts company's 'strong balance sheet' in face of FTX contagion fears CEO Kris Marszalek is confident that his company won't go the way of FTX.

Last week was a brutal one for the cryptocurrency phenomenon following the implosion of crypto company FTX. Some have seen this as a harbinger of things to come for crypto as a whole, but other firms fully believe that they can avoid FTX's fate. One of them is with CEO Kris Marszalek expressing confidence in his company's future.

"We will just continue with our business as usual, and we will prove all the naysayers – and there is many of these right now on Twitter in the last couple of days – we'll prove them all wrong with our actions," Marszalek said in an AMA video (via CNBC). "We'll continue operating as we have always operated to continue being a safe and secure place where everybody can access crypto."

There have been questions about cryptocurrency's viability over the past week following FTX filing for bankruptcy., specifically, faced questions after sending $400 million worth of ether cryptocurrency to in October by mistake. While both and stated the transaction was done in error, it nonetheless raised questions about the security of user funds. Marszalek confirmed the mistake and has since affirmed that transfer processes and management have been strengthened with security in mind.

Cronos (CRO) value over a one-week period from November 14

Source: CoinMarketCap

Cronos (CRO),'s cryptocurrency, has been trending positively throughout Monday, up by more than 12 percent at the time of this post and sitting at a value of $0.06742. However, that's down by more than 50 percent from a week ago, when Cronos was valued at $0.1245. The currency would have to perform a lot better to catch up to where it was seven days ago.

With that said, Marszalek is adamant that can continue working as usual. While CNBC noted that $68 million in ether and $120 in other Ethereum-based tokens were withdrawn by users, the company added another $62 million in ether and $140 million of other digital assets to offset those withdrawals. The CEO is also promising an audited proof of reserves will be shared within the next 30 days. Whether can avoid FTX's downward spiral remains to be seen, but we'll keep watching this story here at Shacknews.

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