DeviantArt teams up with DreamUp for AI art tools and controls

The platform will offer a way for users to create AI-generated art through the image generation tool, DreamUp.


Digital art sharing platform DeviantArt announced new AI tools and controls today from being able to control the amount of AI art that appears in your feed, to being able to create your own using DreamUp.

Described as a prompt based image-generation tool, DeviantArt notes that it’ll allow users to “create AI-art knowing that creators and their work are treated fairly.” If you want to test it out, DeviantArt is giving members a free sample of the image-generation tool in the form of 5 free prompts.

For access to more prompts, DeviantArt users will need to upgrade to the site’s Core membership with the base Core tier ($3.95 per month) offering 50 free prompts and 20 points per additional prompt. Meanwhile, members of the most expensive tier, Core Pro+ ($14.95 per month), get 300 free prompts and 5 points per additional prompt.

Image showing how DreamUp works with a place to enter a detailed prompt and example images
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Wondering how it works? DeviantArt outlines the creation process for DreamUp as follows:

DreamUp is further elaborated upon in regards to how it uses Stable Diffusion, “a third-party AI model trained on image datasets gathered by LAION from across the internet.”

After outlining how DreamUp works, DeviantArt goes on to detail its stance on AI art, with the team remarking on how new ground rules have been set including artists being able to declare whether their art can be used by AI models and datasets. Furthermore, even if an artist isn’t opted out, should their style be referenced in a prompt, “they should be clearly credited.”

For those who aren’t a fan of seeing AI art in their feed, you’ll also reportedly be able to manage “the amount of AI content you see on DeviantArt” by visiting the AI Art topic and selecting the “...” menu.

All in all, it’ll be interesting to see with DeviantArt's new DreamUp tool what the reception will be by those who enjoy creating AI art, and artists on the platform who are vehemently opposed to it. To learn more about it, be sure to read through the full post from DeviantArt on DreamUp.

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