Apple invests $450M in satellite networks for Emergency SOS texting

The majority of Apple's investment is going towards U.S. satellite company, Globalstar.


In a recent update shared by Apple, it was revealed that the company is investing $450 million (USD) in U.S. satellite network companies like Globalstar in order to support its new Emergency SOS texting feature that’ll be available on its new iPhone 14 models. According to Apple, the feature will be available to residents of the United States and Canada sometime later this month.

iPhone 14 showing the Emergency SOS via Satellite screen with instructions such as being outside to get a connection
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As previously mentioned, Globalstar, which is headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, is one of the main companies that Apple is investing money into. “At Globalstar, more than 300 employees support the new service,” Apple explains in its post.

Apple goes on to elaborate on how the system will function, noting that when iPhone 14 users make an Emergency SOS via satellite request, the message will then be received by one of Globalstar’s 24 satellites which will then forward that message along to emergency dispatch.

Saucer-like Globalstar ground antenna shown displayed in a large room with white walls
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Other areas where Apple is investing money include ground stations using new “high-power antennas designed and manufactured specifically for Apple by Cobham Satcom in Concord, California.” Apple shares that, in effort to increase reliability and coverage, new antennas have been installed in all Globalstar worldwide ground stations.

For more on how Apple is investing $450 million in U.S. satellite networks and new ground station antennas, be sure to read through the full post from Apple. And for other Apple news, check out some of our previous coverage including Tim Cook saying there are more than 900 million Apple service subscribers split between Apple TV+ and Apple Music, and how Apple’s (AAPL) Q4 2022 iPhone and Services revenue segments missed expectations.

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