Retail Therapy Ep.16: Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest Unboxing

Today on Retail Therapy we've got a booster box and ETB from the latest Pokemon TCG expansion Silver Tempest to bust open with everyone.


It’s the second Wednesday of the month and you know what that means. It’s time for us to all come together for a little rest and relaxation via Retail Therapy! The only show (that we know of) that delves into a different collector’s or hobbyist’s passion to find out what drives them to collect and why they love it so much. As always, our first episode of the month revolves around Pokemon TCG.

This month, the fine folks over at The Pokemon Company were kind enough to send us an ETB and booster box from their latest expansion: Silver Tempest. That means it’s time for me, Rod, and Greg to play a little pack roulette. Last time we did this Greg walked away with quite a stack of fancy cards. Will his streak continue this month or will the luck of the draw favor another today?

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