Nintendo (NTDOY) and DeNA create joint venture to expand 'outside its dedicated gaming system'

The joint venture will see Nintendo expand its relationship with consumers.


In a bid to expand its relationship with consumers, Nintendo (NTDOY) has entered a venture with DeNA after more than seven years of working together. This will extend the companies’ partnership as the Big N aims to enhance experiences and services through Nintendo Account.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Source: Nintendo

On November 8, 2022, Nintendo (NTDOY) released its Q2 2023 earnings report. These reports, available via the Nintendo Investor Relations site, offer valuable insight into how the company has performed over this fiscal year. However, there was also an announcement that Nintendo and DeNA have entered a joint venture to expand “outside its dedicated gaming system”.

The document, which you can see below and read here, notes that the two companies have worked together for more than seven years. While Nintendo’s core business is its hardware-software model, it also wants to enhance experiences and services outside of this key focus. The venture with DeNA will aim to “strengthen the digitization of Nintendo’s business” which will also focus on Nintendo account.

Information regarding Nintendo and DeNA joint venture

Source: Nintendo Investor Relations

DeNA is known for its work on mobile games, including Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, Pokemon Masters, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes. With this new partnership, consumers may see more mobile games developed using Nintendo IPs.

Be sure to check out our NTDOY page for more information and highlights from Nintendo’s Q2 2023 earnings report. One of the highlights is the success of Splatoon 3, which has seen 7.9 million units sold since release in September.

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