A new Deus Ex is reportedly in development at Eidos Montreal

We thought we jumped the gun in May, but perhaps we were right all along: a new Deus Ex is in fact in development according to Jason Schreier.

Eidos Montreal

News of a new Deus Ex game being in development has cropped up. The long-dormant franchise is reportedly being revived by Eidos Montreal which has seen new staff join its forces after the shuttering of Onoma by Embracer Group.

On November 1, 2022, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier took to Twitter to inform readers of several changes at Embracer Group, noting that a new Deus Ex is being worked on. In a series of tweets, Schreier notes that while Eidos Montreal remains intact following Embracer shutting Onoma (previously Square Enix Montreal), the team has canceled a Stranger Things-inspired game and is now working on at least three titles.

Soldiers engage in a gunfight on a street in Deus Ex

Source: Ion Storm

These titles include a new IP that has been “recently rescoped”, a co-developer partnership with Xbox to work on Fable alongside Playground Games, and a new Deus Ex which is “very, very early”. Shacknews reported on Embracer Group reviving Deus Ex back in May, which we corrected after being notified it was an out-of-context quote, but now it seems as though Embracer is in fact reviving the franchise. Looks like we may have not been too far from the truth.

The last game in the Deus Ex series to grace PC and consoles was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided back in 2016. Considering the love the franchise receives, it makes sense to revive the series.

Embracer Group recently went on a spending spree, acquiring several companies including Limited Run Games, Tripwire, Tuxedo Labs, and Singtrix. The company now has a whole lot of properties under its belt including the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit literary IP rights, so we could be seeing more than just a Deus Ex in the near future.

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