Netflix acquires Spry Fox indie game studio

The indie developer joins Netflix as the company's sixth in-house games studio.


Indie developer Spry Fox who previously released the delightful title Cozy Grove back in 2021 shared a major announcement today. Specifically, that it is joining Netflix as the company’s sixth in-house games studio.

The news was shared in a blog post by Spry Fox in which the team outlined what this means for previously released games like Cozy Grove, while also touching on some of the projects that are in development.

Cozy Grove screenshot from developer Spry Fox showing a character in a winter landscape standing next to an orange tree
© Spry Fox

As noted by the Spry Fox team, the studio remains focused on making a sequel to Cozy Grove in addition to developing a larger “non-violent MMO” that has currently yet to be publicly announced. The post then shares how the team has been active for almost 13 years, notes that the studio is one that aims to develop original, world-class cozy games, and that “Netflix is going to help us do that.”

In the past, we reviewed Spry Fox’s charming indie Cozy Grove and gave it high praise. Scoring it a 9, reviewer TJ Denzer remarked that, “Cozy Grove is a far more relaxing, yet in-depth experience than I ever could have expected when I jumped into it.”

For more on this, be sure to read through our review of Cozy Grove in full, and for more indie game goodness, check out some of our previous coverage including a recap of the indies shown during the Shacknews Indie Showcase back in October.

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