Square Enix's 'Symbiogenesis' trademark could hint at Parasite Eve return

Symbiogenesis is a term related to mitochondria and further cellular biology, much like the underlying plot of Parasite Eve.

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Parasite Eve is a very unique RPG among Square Enix’s classic catalogue. Set in the modern day, it uses a dizzying array of real and pseudoscience to spin a sci-fi horror yarn that captured the hearts of a lot of players. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had a good game since Parasite Eve 2 in 1999. It’s possible that may change soon, though. Square Enix filed a trademark for the term “Symbiogenesis,” and if the definition of the term is any indication, it could mean Square Enix is dabbling with something new in the Parasite Eve series.

Square Enix’s filing of the “Symbiogenesis” trademark was spotted on trademark and patent website Chizai-watch, as spotted by Destructoid. There is little detail on what the trademark means or what it’s for. The main detail we have is that symbiogenesis is a scientific theory concerning the action of two evolving organisms combining together into a singular entity that then continues to grow and evolve with the combined attributes of the original organisms. It’s also what leads to the creation of EVE and Aya Brea’s psychokinetic powers.

Square Enix's Symbiogenesis trademark
Square Enix's "symbiogenesis" trademark is similar to scientific cellular biology concepts used throughout Parasite Eve's story.
Source: Chizai-watch

Square Enix has not officially confirmed whether or not its Symbiogensis trademark has anything to do with the Parasite Eve franchise, but the company has been on a huge streak of bringing back its older games in remakes or remasters alongside its new products. Dragon Quest 3 is getting a 2DHD remake, and the first three Front Mission games are being remade as well alongside Forever Entertainment. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Square Enix to pick up where it left off or try something new with Parasite Eve.

Nonetheless, all we have to go on right now is Square Enix’s “Symbiogenesis” trademark, which has officially been filed. Whether it actually means something involving Parasite Eve or something altogether different remains to be seen, but we’ll share details as new information becomes available.

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