Currency headwinds impacted Tesla (TSLA) Q3 2022 results by $250 million

The company's results for the third quarter were impacted by currency headwinds along with higher material costs.


Tesla (TSLA) has shared its earnings report for Q3 2022, and in it is a wealth of information including how currency headwinds have impacted the company’s results for the third quarter by $250 million.

Looking over the earnings report more in-depth, it’s noted that the company increased ASP and things like growth in vehicle deliveries, while also facing “negative FX impact of ~$250M” and higher raw material, commodity, logistics, warranty, and expedite costs.

Financial Summary slide from Tesla Q3 2022 earnings report showing revenue and profitability information
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Other details coming out of the earnings report include an increase in vehicle deliveries in Q3 and total revenue growth of 56 percent year-over-year in Q3 to $21.5 billion. With that being said, the year-over-year revenue was similarly affected by negative FX impact.

Numbers wise, the earnings report lists the following details for Q3 2022:

  • Automotive revenues: 18,692
  • Regulatory credits: 286
  • Automotive gross profit: 5,212
  • Automotive gross margin 27.9%
Slide from Tesla's Q3 2022 earnings report showing numbers and stats for things like automotive revenue and gross margin.
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