Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is getting a DLC expansion with Gilgamesh

When you're done killing chaos, it looks like a new quest will have players duking it out with Gilgamesh alongside a wealth of new features.

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One of the more interesting games of 2022 was definitely Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, in which players joined the brunt and burly Jack on a mission to kill Chaos. Despite the silliness of the plot, Stranger of Paradise proved to be quite the enjoyable experience for many with solid action combat, a ton of skills from the various job classes in the game, and more. Now it’s getting a big expansion with Wanderer of the Rift, and this time it looks like Jack is putting Chaos aside to duke it out with Gilgamesh.

Square Enix and developer Team Ninja announced the Wanderer of the Rift DLC expansion for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on October 18, 2022. Coming to the game’s Season Pass content on October 26, 2022, the Wanderer of the Rift expansion brings along a new story, quest, and a grand collection of new features. It would seem powerful forces have fractured dimensions, forcing them to overlap. That’s brought Gilgamesh to Jack’s dimension, and the two are headed for a big confrontation in this story.

Monster Bells in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin allowing players to summon monsters to join them in combat.
In addition to a new story, Wanderer of the Rift brings Monster Bells that allow players to summon famous Final Fantasy monsters to fight alongside them.
Source: Square Enix

In addition to the story and battle with Gilgamesh, players will be treated to a wealth of further features in Stranger of Paradise’s Wanderer of the Rift DLC. A new Gilgamesh difficulty will challenge hardcore players to be more sturdy than ever in their battles. New enemies also join the fray and bring various new challenges to combat. Meanwhile, players will be able to access the new Blue Mage job class, as well as Monster Bells. These bells allow players to call upon iconic Final Fantasy monsters to aid in combat. The tentacled, huge-mouthed abomination known as Malboro was seen being summoned and fighting alongside players in the trailer.

Wanderer of the Rift follows right after the Trials of the Dragon King DLC, which came out in July 2022. As Team Ninja and Square Enix continue Jack’s adventures in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, stay tuned for Wanderer of the Rift's launch on October 26.

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    • reply
      October 18, 2022 12:36 PM

      This is my pick for “most underrated game of 2022.” People make fun of the story/dialogue, and I was laughing too, but the story eventually turns the corner from “wtf am I watching?” to “this is batshit insane, but I NEED to know what happens next and oh my god I’m actually reading the in-game lore…”

      If you’re into 3rd person ARPGs, Final Fantasy and stories that go off the rails in spectacular fashion, I recommend picking this one up.

      • reply
        October 18, 2022 7:52 PM

        Jack is fucking hilarious. He’s such a dumb musclehead in the funniest way. It reminds me of the kind of dumb weird action movies like They Live.

        • reply
          October 19, 2022 5:49 AM

          Yep, Jack is incredible. Lich boss is giving his speech and Jack interrupts with "I don't give a fuck who you are!" and punches Lich in the face?! Priceless.

    • reply
      October 18, 2022 9:54 PM

      Cool, Gilgamesh is a good fit, but have they fixed the performance problems yet? Last I heard it still has enemy models with hundreds of thousands of polys for no reason.

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