Minecraft Legends shows off online co-op at Minecraft Live 2022

Heroes won't have to walk into Minecraft Legends alone, as it appears that Minecraft Legends will include online co-op for up to four players.


Minecraft Live 2022 has begun and there's exciting news coming out of today's show. It started off with an update on the next big game in Mojang's franchise, as players were treated to a fresh look at Minecraft Legends. This included a first look at gameplay and a fresh peek at four-player co-op.

Players got to take a first look at some of the major locations in Minecraft Legends. One of the biggest ones is the Well of Fate, which will be the adventure's starting point. Players will meet mysterious entities known as The Hosts (Foresight, Action, and Knowledge), which will brief the hero on what awaits them and alert them to the threat of the Piglins. The starting area of the Overworld will be home to all sorts of friendly mobs, many of which will follow the player when they wave the Banner of Courage. Some of them might even be willing to lend a helping hand, like the ridable regal tiger.

The Mojang team also offered a first look at gameplay, which appears to go a little farther beyond the third-person action game that the trailers indicated. While those elements are certainly there, there's a much greater strategy focus. Players must gather supplies to help build critical structures, but they can also head into waves of Piglins after recruiting friendly mobs and directing them into battle.

Minecraft Legends gets a release window

Source: Mojang

Minecraft Legends is coming in Spring 2023 to PC, PlayStation, Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass), and Nintendo Switch. More information can be found over on the Minecraft website.

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