Sonic Frontiers is getting Monster Hunter DLC shortly after launch

The DLC will be available for players to download for free on November 14.


In a somewhat surprising, but nevertheless exciting announcement, it was revealed that Sega and Sonic Frontiers are collaborating with Capcom and Monster Hunter on DLC that’ll be made available shortly after the game’s release.

Currently, Sonic Frontiers is expected to be released on November 8, with the Monster Hunter DLC available for players to download for free starting November 14. On social media, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter shared the news that it’s “time to get cooking” along with a picture of Sonic in Monster Hunter gear roasting meat over a fire.

The Sonic Twitter also noted that the DLC is coming to Sonic Frontiers on “November 14th at 5pm PST - for free!”

Players who download the Monster Hunter DLC pack in Sonic Frontiers will get Rathalos Armor and Felyne Rathalos Armor, along with access to a BBQ Spit mini-game where you’re able to grill meat over a fire that can help power Sonic up.

Again, Sonic Frontiers is set to be released on November 8 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), with the Monster Hunter DLC available for free starting on November 14. 

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