Street Fighter 6's Drive Impact was the ultimate divider in its beta weekend

Street Fighter 6's closed beta weekend had players arguing over whether the combo-breaking Drive Impact mechanic is too little, too much, or just right.


Betas for a game in development can often be a place where big revelations about the game come out and a game as big as Street Fighter 6 is no exception. Many players got to try the game for the first time this recent weekend and, for better or worse, they discovered the Drive Impact mechanic. It’s a tool for breaking your opponent’s offense and lighting them up with a strong reversal combo and it had many players throughout the FGC arguing on whether it needs to be reeled in or if it’s just fine as is.

Drive Impact in Street Fighter 6.
By using Drive Impact in Street Fighter 6, you can stuff your opponent's offense and go right into your own killer combo.
Source: Capcom

The Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Test went down over the weekend of October 7 to October 9. Even we here at Shacknews had our share of fun with it. Nonetheless, some players found it far more frustrating than others thanks to the Drive Impact mechanic. By pressing Hard Punch and Hard Kick at the same time, players go into a move that gives super armor invincibility for a few hits and crush counters opponents if they take the hit. Even further, it breaks their defense if they get knocked back against the wall of the stage by it.

This move had players in a tizzy all weekend. On one hand, getting hit by Drive Impact for a counter or wall break can lead to massive damage in a jiffy. It’s also pretty abusable, costing very little to throw out at every opportunity and is safe on block, meaning opponents can’t retaliate right away. That said, there are definite counters to it. It’s slow to come out, can be thrown, and a Drive Impact used shortly after an opponent’s Drive Impact will counter them. You can also jump to dodge the attack and land a counter of your own.

Still, many players had feelings about the move with some believing it’s far too abusable and others believing the benefits it provides are much too strong. Strangely, top tier players like SonicFox are not a fan. However, others believe Drive Impact has too many weaknesses to truly be considered overpowered.

The conversations on Drive Impact were rampant throughout the weekend and it’s sure to be something Capcom is keeping an eye on. You don’t want to ruin a major mechanic in the game, but you don’t want the game to be dominated by that mechanic either. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see if Drive Impact sees an adjustment before the next time we get to play Street Fighter 6.

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