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Street Fighter 6 lets each player have their stage of choice in online matches

We no longer have to be confined to grids in the Training Stage for Street Fighter 6.

Image via Capcom

Stage selection is quite the conversation in a lot of fighting games. There are many players out there that prefer the least cluttered stages possible because of alleged effects on the game’s performance and lag. Others simply enjoy the grid and space measurements supplied by the lines in a Training Stage. Still, others don’t care and want to play in the enjoyably animated stages throughout the games. It looks like Street Fighter 6 is once again aiming to meet the needs of all comers, in online matches at least. Players will see their choice of stage reflected in online matches, even if the choices are different per players screen.

This was discovered soon after the Street Fighter 6 closed beta went live on October 7, 2022, as shared by players like Andi Hamilton. As can be seen in the image below, online matches offer players their choice of stage and it is reflected on their screen, and their opponent’s choice is reflected on their screen. That means while you might not know it, you are both playing on your stage of choice in online games.

As seen on both screens, players will see their stage choice reflected in Street Fighter 6 online matches, even if it's different for each player
As seen on both screens, players will see their stage choice reflected in Street Fighter 6 online matches, even if it's different for each player.
Source: Twitter

This is kind of a special deal for a lot of players. Purists and pros have claimed that clutter on the screen affects the gameplay of some games, especially when it comes to lag and input latency. Still, others simply prefer the clean, measured design of training stages with grids to allow them to check the distance of various moves and inputs. However, that leaves a lot of players who would rather enjoy the artistry of other stages cold. This way, at least in online matches, everyone gets what they want.

We’ve gotten a fantastic amount of detail leading up to Street Fighter 6’s beta, such as the full character roster reveal, and the goods just keep coming. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest on the game throughout the weekend, right here at Shacknews.

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