World of Warships brings Submarine Class to battle in latest update

A wide assortment of submarine vessels in World of Warships bring new angles of stealth and counterplay to the game's naval battles

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World of Warships has been kicking around from Wargaming for quite a long time, bringing a wide array of battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, and more to multiplayer naval battlefields. However, its latest update just might flip the strategy of the game on its head. The most recent update to World of Warships added the Submarine Class to the mix, complete with a collection of iconic undersea vessels from various nations throughout history. What’s more, the update is available now.

Wargaming launched the previously teased Submarine Class alongside Update 0.11.9 for World of Warships just recently, alongside an overview trailer of what players can expect out of submarine gameplay and various new additions to the arsenal of other ships that can deal with them. Submarines, as one might have guessed, are a stealth heavy class of ship that can dive under water and get the drop on unsuspecting vessels with a payload of torpedoes and other armaments. They are built for hit-and-run tactics, targeting a ship, dealing tremendous damage, and then aiming to slink back into the depths before opposing forces can retaliate.

I actually got to play with the Submarine class in a special preview recently and it was interesting to say the least. The submarines feature a multitude of new features that are unique to them. For instance, a submarine cannot go undersea indefinitely. When the ship dives, it starts a counter that serves as an indicator for its undersea capacity. Stay hidden under the surface for too long and you’ll damage your ship and mechanics. That means carefully choosing when to disappear and reappear, as well as when to attack and retreat to safety. This on-the-fly decision making mechanic comes alongside an array of interesting armaments such as sonar bursts to properly target enemies and acoustic torpedoes to rip them to shreds. Some submarines also have armaments unique to their historical capabilities, such as the mounted gun on the Japanese I-56.

Of course, submarines aren’t the only new toys in this update. Other ships also got countermeasures for dealing with submarines operating in the area. Destroyers can now drop depth charges to probe the waters for undersea vessels. Aircraft carrier planes can also scour the waters and drop depth charges from their payload. While submarines are meant to be an effective class versus pretty much all other vessels, this should keep submarine players on their toes as they close the distance on targets.

U-69 gameplay in World of Warships
Submarines will prove to be deadly adversaries in World of Warships if you don't find them before they get close to your vessels.
Source: Wargaming

The latest update for World of Warships also makes way for Halloween events, a new Operation Wolfpack scenario, and plenty more changes. With submarines available now in Early Access, be sure to check out what these sneaky and deadly vessels can do, or how to combat them with the new tools in the arsenals of other ship classes.

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