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Light talks winning and opponents at Smash Ultimate Glitch Regen 2022

Paris "Light" Ramirez Garcia took the crown at Smash Ultimate Glitch: Regen 2022 and we picked his brain about his performance and adversaries.


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch: Regen tournament took place over the weekend of September 23, 2022, bringing with it the best Smash players in the world to Laurel, Maryland. While many players put up a fight to claim top billing, it was Paris “Light” Ramirez Garcia who walked away with first place and the lion’s share of the prize. We couldn’t miss an opportunity to speak with the champion, so we took the chance to talk to him about his performance, opponents, and more.

Shacknews’ own Rodney Conyers, Jr was on the ground at Smash Ultimate Glitch: Regen 2022. Once the dust settled and Paris “Light” Ramirez Garcia was announced as the champion, Rodney pulled him aside to get his perspective on his matches.

Part of what makes Light a champion is his ability to analyze his performance. Though he did win, Light mentions feeling slow, sluggish, and underperforming. In terms of who Light was most concerned about fighting, it was PKChris. According to Light, he does not enjoy fighting against Ness. Reflecting on his opponents, he notes, “There were a lot of people I would not have beaten today.” Sometimes the brackets smile upon you.

Moving forward, Light anticipates appearing at some of the upcoming Smash tournaments. Make sure you follow Light on Twitter to hear more about his upcoming games and stay tuned to Shacknews for more coverage from Smash events. If you like what you saw here, you can find more interviews on the GamerHubTV YouTube channel and exclusive gameplay over on the Shacknews channel.

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