Nintendo Pictures website launches with focus on planning & producing visual content

Launching ahead of the new Super Mario Bros. movie, Nintendo Pictures will focus on managing TV and movie projects using Nintendo IP.

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Nintendo has made big moves to branch out from video games over the past few years, and one of them is getting back into movies with the Super Mario Bros. film. It would seem Nintendo is not about to do the Mario movie and call it quits on TV and film. The Big N just launched the Nintendo Pictures website, a new branch of the company which will be entirely dedicated to planning and producing visual content based on Nintendo IP.

Nintendo launched the Nintendo Pictures website fairly recently, as spotted by video game news and leak Twitter such as Nibel. The site is only available as a branch of Nintendo’s Japanese website right now. No English counterpart has launched just yet. However, Nintendo Pictures seems to be the branch that will be attached to TV and film projects utilizing Nintendo IP from now on.

The original poster for the Super Mario Bros. movie featuring the cast and its original holiday 2022 release window.
The release window may have been delayed to April 2023, but the Super Mario Bros. movie still features a star-studded cast of actors and actresses.
Source: Nintendo

The official launch of Nintendo Pictures also seems to further imply that Nintendo may be planning more films and TV series after the Super Mario Bros. film is released, which is likely the project that spurred the launch of the Nintendo Pictures branch. It would also back up previous rumors that a Donkey Kong movie may be coming after Mario.

Right now, all eyes have been on the Super Mario Bros. film. With a big reveal in September 2021, the Mario Bros. film was expected to launch around the holiday this year. However, unforeseen circumstances forced the studio behind it to delay the Mario film back to April 2023.

Nonetheless, it’s noteworthy to see Nintendo Pictures officially become a thing. It remains to be seen if the Mario Bros. film can capture the audiences Nintendo and Universal Pictures want it to, but if it does, it seems like we can look forward to seeing Nintendo Pictures attached to more projects starring Nintendo’s vast array of characters and worlds.

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