How to complete The Final Trial - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Merlin's final friendship quest will finally allow you to max out your Watering Can upgrade and get rid of those giant mushrooms in the Glade of Trust.


There are a few questions that inevitably arise while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. One of those questions will usually involve large portions of the map being blocked off by big obstacles. In the case of the Glade of Trust, there are giant mushrooms that quickly prove to be big nuisances. It turns out that Merlin is the key to getting through them, but you'll have to become best friends before you can begin The Final Trial and work toward getting rid of those mushrooms.

How to complete The Final Trial - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Approaching path-blocking giant mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Prepare to finally say goodbye to these pesky mushroom patches!
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  1. Complete all Merlin quests and level your friendship with him up to 10.
  2. Talk to Merlin to start the quest.
  3. Craft five Purified Night Shards.
  4. Give the Purified Night Shards to WALL-E.
  5. Give the resulting concoction to Merlin.
  6. Collect 25 Mushrooms, a Falling Water, and an Ice Heart and craft them into the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment.
  7. Give the ointment to Merlin, who will give you the Watering Can upgrade.
  8. Clear out the big mushroom patches in the Glade of Trust.
  9. Return to Merlin and talk to him to end the quest.

The Final Trial is the name of the last friendship quest for Merlin. In order to access it, players will have to complete every Merlin quest to that point and also raise their friendship level with him all the way up to 10. At that point, find the wizard for a friendly chat.

Merlin will inform you that he can raise your Watering Can's enchantment to its maximum level. This will allow you to finally get rid of the giant mushroom patches in the Glade of Trust. First, Merlin will ask for five Purified Night Shards, but he'll prompt you to find somebody who can crush them into powder. That someone is WALL-E. Before you go see the little robot, head over to a crafting bench and craft five Purified Night Shards, which will require five Dream Shards and 25 Night Shards. Once you have the Purified Night Shards ready, take them over to WALL-E. He'll crush them into a fine powder and put it in a vial.

Take the vial over to Merlin. He won't perform the Watering Can enchantment himself, but rather hand you a book with its ingredients. First, you'll need 25 Mushrooms, which should be easy enough to find in the Glade of Trust. That leaves two items you've never seen before: Falling Water and Ice Heart. The Ice Heart is easy enough to get. The seed is inside the book that Merlin gives you, so just walk to any plot and plant it. The seed grows pretty quickly, so take a few moments to wander around. The Falling Water is a little trickier, unless you know where to look. Go to the Glade of Trust and walk toward the waterfall near the south end of the map. You can interact with part of the waterfall and collect the Falling Water.

The Falling Water location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Search here for the Falling Water.
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With the ingredients in hand, go to a crafting bench and craft the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment. Once that's done, take it over to Merlin. He'll send you out to give your Watering Can upgrade a test drive. Return to the Glade of Trust and walk over to those large mushroom patches that have been blocking your path for the entirety of the game to this point. You should now be able to clear them out. Once you've removed the mushrooms, return to Merlin, who will give you a fun wizard hat and end your final quest together.

That's how to complete The Final Trial, which will bring your friendship quests with Merlin to a close. You can now clear out giant mushroom patches and explore the full Glade of Trust to your heart's content. We're still experiencing what this journey of friendship has to offer, so come back to Shacknews for more Disney Dreamlight Valley guides.

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