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How to raise friendship levels fast - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's a beginner's guide to how to nurture friendships (and fast) in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


There are many different ways to approach Disney Dreamlight Valley, but players will quickly find that nothing gets them where they need to go quicker than making friends. Your friends are your power in this game, as they'll help you find more supplies, open up new quests, and also help you level up yourself. So how does one go about leveling up friendships? Let's take a look.

How to raise friendship levels fast - Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are several different ways to raise friendship levels with Disney Dreamlight Valley's various characters. Fortunately for players, all those methods are relatively simple.

1. Complete your friends' quests

Completing a quest for Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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This should almost go without saying, but your friends will have their own specific quest lines they'll want some help with. Give them a helping hand and complete any quests you can. You'll get a big friendship boost once the quest is finished.

Be aware that this may not always be the most efficient option, since you may be low on funds, short on supplies, or need to complete a different quest line in order to progress. There's no time limit on quests, so don't worry if you can't complete something right away. Once you do have everything you need to complete an active quest, be sure to go back to it as soon as possible, since it can provide a big boost.

2. Chat with your friends

Having a daily conversation with Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Spend less time worrying about "Who are your friends?" and more time asking "How are your friends?"

At least once a day, you can talk to any of the village's characters and you'll see a prompt to make any kind of small talk with them, even a selection as simple as "Do you have a question?" Make sure to always select this and just chat with your friends. They'll regale you with anecdotes about their day, tell you about their history, and even drop a few references aimed at hardcore Disney fans.

This simple action will raise your friendship level a fair amount and a few days of casual conversation can go a long way towards leveling up that specific bond and moving you towards your next quest with that character.

3. Hang out with a friend

Fishing with Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Here's another easy action that can go a long way. Talk to any character in the village and select the "Let's hang out!" option. That character will then tag along with you wherever you go. Spend about 10-15 minutes with that character and they'll be grateful that you're thinking of them and your friendship level with them will climb.

Hanging out with friends can also have a twofold purpose. Once you start leveling up friendships, you'll be asked which benefit you'll want boosted, whether it's for foraging, fishing, digging, harvesting, or cooking. If you hang out with that friend and engage in that boosted activity, you can pick up some extra items or rewards.

4. Give your friend a gift

Giving Goofy a Grilled Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Everyone loves presents! The denizens of the village are no different. When you talk to anybody in the village, you'll see the option "I have something to give you!" Select that option and you'll be given the option to give something to your friend, whether it's a flower, a gem, or a piece of food. Depending on what you give them, you'll see your friendship level barely go up a blip or you'll see it go up significantly.

Characters have favorite items that will change almost daily. More often than not, at least one of those favorites will be a simple item. It can be a gem that you can easily mine from a mineral deposit, a flower you can pick outside your house, or a fruit you can pluck from a tree. Other times, they can be more complex items, like cooked dishes. Regardless, give a friend one of their favorite items and your friendship level will rise by a substantial amount.

5. Serve them their favorite dish at Chez Remy

Serving Donald Duck a bowl of Fish Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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This one can help you level up a friendship fast, but you'll have to put some work in first. Before this option is even available, you'll have to open up the castle and complete the Ratatouille realm. Once Remy moves into the village, you'll then have to set up Chez Remy and make it operational. Once Chez Remy opens its doors, you'll start to see characters come in regularly for a meal. It might be Goofy looking for a late meal, later it'll be Mickey & Donald having lunch and catching up with what they've been up to, and sometimes, you'll even see someone like Moana or Maui taking a seat with an empty stomach. What they all have in common is, they'll all ask for a specific dish.

In a majority of cases, nobody will ask for a dish where a recipe isn't readily available. If you have the recipe, the next challenge is making sure you have the ingredients. You may sometimes get lucky and a customer will ask for something easy like a Hearty Salad. Other times, you'll see a request for something like a Bouillabaisse, which will require specific seafood. The challenge is worth it, though, because if you prepare that dish and hand it to that specific customer, your friendship level with them will go up substantially.

Friendship level with Donald Duck increases in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Be sure to keep an eye on the map to see who's at Chez Remy waiting for a meal. It's worth helping them out. Likewise, it's worth your while to put enough money away to upgrade Chez Remy as soon as you can. The more clients the restaurant can house, the faster you can level up your bonds with those customers.

That's a quick guide on how to raise your friendship levels fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This will be important to keep in mind as more characters move in to the village. We'll continue to watch this game's development, so follow the Disney Dreamlight Valley topic page for the latest news and guides.

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