E3 2023 dates announced with separated business & consumer days

Under the new management of ReedPop, E3 will finally return in 2023, featuring a new format for industry and consumer attendance.

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After quite a few years of absence, there have been a lot of questions about what the return of E3 would look like. With ReedPop now taking up the reins of the once-popular North American video game tradeshow, it will finally make its return in 2023. What’s more, it looks like ReedPop is making some changes to the public and private days of E3. Dates have been announced for E3 2023 and they will be split between industry and consumer events.

E3 2023’s new dates and attendance format were announced via a GamesIndustry.biz report on September 26, 2022. According to the announcement, E3 2023 will now take place from Tuesday, June 13 to Friday, June 16, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. What’s more, there will be a split in attendance days. June 13 and June 14 will be reserved for press and games industry attendance, June 15 will be open to both press and consumers, and June 16 will be an all-consumer day. 

E3 2023 advertisement with the dates of June 13 - June 16, 2023.
The ESA and ReedPop announced the return of E3 in 2023 during the dates of June 13 to June 16.
Source: Image via ESA

With this new format, ReedPop hopes to provide a satisfying event to both gaming fans who want to see the latest and most interesting games and video game technology being revealed, as well as providing press with meaningful access to stories, interviews and the regular business happenings at E3. This is the first definitive set of plans we’ve heard for E3 2023 since it was announced earlier in 2022 that the event would now be managed by ReedPop. With ReedPop successfully operating the PAX video game events, as well as Star Wars Celebration and New York Comic Con, the group has already been very active in the return and relaunch of various events in 2022.

It will remain to be seen if the return of an E3 can actually stick the landing, but there’s plenty of time to find out more about what E3 2023 has in store for fans. Stay tuned as we await more details leading up to the June 2023 event.

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    September 26, 2022 8:55 AM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, E3 2023 dates announced with separated business & consumer days

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      September 26, 2022 7:43 AM

      Next E3 scheduled for Jun 13-16 https://twitter.com/crecenteb/status/1574403757374324738

      • reply
        September 26, 2022 8:00 AM

        Wait I thought they had stopped doing these. Multiple times now.

        • reply
          September 26, 2022 8:07 AM

          No, they're fighting hard to remain relevant. They pivoted a bit to try to do the online things. Geoff Keighley almost single handily killed even that from relevance. The problem with E3 is that they've tried to keep exclusive, and still want publishers to shell out mega bucks for elaborate displays to make a spectacle of it all. This is basically why several of the larger ones like Sony and Nintendo quit participating. PAX is eating their lunch too by being open to the public.

          I kinda feel it's time for E3 to either completely reinvent itself, or just go away. The industry and the communication medium has changed so much, I don't feel it's nearly as relevant as it used to be.

          However, even with that said, there is the 2nd hall that doesn't get nearly as much attention and given where indie development is now, I kinda think that might be the opportunity for E3. They aren't going to get nearly as many large publishers doing mega displays, so they need to appeal to the market that still needs the large even to bring everyone together. That's kind of the Indie up through to A and AA studios I think.

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            September 26, 2022 8:55 AM

            "We're reinventing E3" is like when Domino's runs another "we know the food sucks but we fixed it this time!" commercial.

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              September 26, 2022 8:56 AM

              E3 2023: You'll Never Guess Where We Put More Cheese This Time

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        September 26, 2022 8:02 AM


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